Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hell Square

So it seems like I wasn't the first to re-name the area where I live. Reading through the archives of Curbed they have decided to re-christen my neighborhood with the delightful moniker of Hell Square. Whilst I can kind of see where they're coming from this does seem a bit much - yeah the area is going through a pretty major gentrification, and the number of consciously trendy bars and restaurants can get a bit much - but was it honestly a lot better before? I suppose it's hard for me to comment as I'm probably part of the problem as much as anything but personally I like the fact I can get a good meal, hear some great music and drink in some pretty decent bars all within a few minutes of my front door. And if this is supposed to be killing the neighborhood then just check out the thriving Essex Street Market with extended hours and new stalls opening up all the time. The LES has a history of changing communities and I think the latest influx is putting as much in as it is taking out. And it's hardly like the rest of Manhattan is any different.

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And Alex did Geography at Cambridge, so he should know. :-p